The Top 5 Things You Need To Know About The ‘Frozen’ Movie [VIDEO]

Now Playing: ‘Frosty the Snowman’: Here’s what’s in store for ‘Frozone’ sequel Now Playing “Weird Al’ Yankovic to sing the Frozen theme song at ‘Fridays with Jimmy Fallon’ special” Now Playing ‘Funny Or Die’ Season 10 Finale: What we know about Season 11 so far Now Playing Trump to be in ‘The Great Wall’ movie Now Playing The new ‘Star […]

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New York City’s Gardena department stores will open with a full-service gardena store

Gardena’s department stores in New York, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island will open this summer with a fully-fledged gardena department.The company, which has opened a number of branches across the country and Canada, has announced that it is also opening a second, expanded branch in Long Island City, which is home to the largest collection of gardena plants in New […]

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Best department stores in Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas – Best department store in Dallas has been named Best of Dallas by TripAdvisor.The site, which has been running a poll of the top 100 best US cities since 2010, revealed Dallas to have the second highest rated department store for its customer service, location, and location-based offerings.The survey revealed the Dallas location had a 4.5 out of […]

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