When it comes to buying jewellery, how much do you pay?

According to research by the UK’s National Retail Federation, the average cost of a pair of jewellery in the UK is £739.That’s almost $9,000 (£5,400).That’s well above the £450 average cost for a pair in Australia and $1,200 in South Africa.In the US, the median price for a set of five jewellery stones at a department store is $2,400.In China, […]

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10 of the most expensive stores in America

The list of the 10 most expensive departments stores in the U.S. includes some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious department stores, including Target and Best Buy.The list also includes Target and Sears, the second- and third-most expensive department stores in California, as well as Target and Macy’s, the third- and fourth-most-expensive department stores overall.The most expensive department store […]

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