When menards stopped stocking women’s clothing, it led to women’s rights protests

SAN FRANCISCO — The last time a store in the United States stopped stocking a woman’s clothing was in 1971, when a California state judge banned women from wearing dresses.The ban was later overturned by the Supreme Court, but not before the Supreme was forced to intervene.In 1978, a court upheld a California law that banned wearing a dress while […]

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What is the ‘Burdines’ department store?

The Burdines store in Dublin is the second of the four department stores to be shuttered.It was one of six that were sold in the wake of the financial crisis.“The Burdies have been selling in Dublin for 20 years, and we are just the third one in the country to be sold,” said a spokesman for the company.“We are grateful […]

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How to shop with a credit card on a train

It’s hard to imagine any other way to shop online than with a card, but there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself stuck with a ticket. It’s not just about the cost, either. You can be stuck paying for your ticket when you get on the train and then get on another train and have to pay for the same ticket again.What […]

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