Which Indian department store has the best value for money?

The Sam’s department stores in Delhi and Mumbai have been voted India’s best value stores for the past three years by customers, a survey has found.Sam’s, the country’s second-largest department store chain, was voted India, with the fourth-highest rating by customers.The retailer has recently made a move to expand its business in the country.The company has made its India presence […]

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How to Get a Best Seller in a Best Sellers category

Here are the five best sellers in the department store category.1.Best Buy, $59.99 for the 16th time.The best seller for a store like this is probably Walmart, with $100 in total sales for the first nine months of 2017.2.Sears, $79.99.The second best seller is Target, with more than $400 million in sales for just the first six months of the […]

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