How to avoid buying the car you hate on the black market

In a recent move, car retailers have begun phasing out the car of a man they believe has committed murder, after a car he owned was stolen.The man is suspected of killing his estranged wife and two children in South Africa in January, killing himself.The two cars have now been returned to the man’s family, according to the Pretoria-based Daily […]

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“Punishment for being a dick”

By The Sport BureauThe sport bible has a nice story for this week’s sports column.The Sport bible, which is owned by the National Basketball Association, has released its annual list of the 50 most influential people in America.The “PUNISHMENT” column is for a guy named Billy Staples.It says that Staples has made $4 billion in the last decade.He’s also the […]

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How the New Economy is transforming Dallas, Texas—and the country as a whole

The Texas Legislature approved a package of tax breaks to encourage business investment and create a new economy on Tuesday, but the state is struggling to keep up with the demand.The package includes a tax credit for companies that locate in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area and a state tax credit that could help spur the growth of new businesses […]

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