What is the next big thing in the retail space?

The next big tech trend is a retailer called Kresge, which makes online retailing services that are designed for the online shopping experience, with the aim of bringing online retailers closer to their retail locations.This makes Kresges services quite different from other online retail platforms, such as Amazon.com, where there are multiple different stores for different items.Kresgises service is based […]

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When is it OK to take a bag of chips?

A bag of Chips ‘n Chips snacks might sound like a pretty innocuous snack, but if you’re a bit overweight and unhealthy, you might find yourself taking it as a treat.Here are the rules when it comes to snacks and chips, and the dangers that lie within.When should I take a snack?If you’re overweight and unhealthy and you can’t keep […]

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