How to shop at Chicago’s largest department store for the holidays

When it comes to holiday shopping, Chicago’s biggest department store has one thing in common: They’re the most well-known.The Chicago Department Store, or CDS, has more than 100 department stores around the country.But these days, the CDS is starting to feel a bit underwhelming as the nation braces itself for the new year.This fall, the chain plans to close the […]

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How to save on groceries at old department stores

Retail department stores like Lohmann’s have long been considered the best in the country, but they’re also the most expensive.Now, a new study suggests they’re on the way out.In its study of the costs of nearly 1,200 department stores nationwide, the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities found that many of them were oversupplied with goods, like clothing, electronics, household […]

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