How to avoid buying a $20,000 item at Nordstrom department stores

Nordstrom announced Wednesday that it is banning all sales of certain types of luxury clothing from its online store and will limit the sale of certain items to $200 a piece.The company also said it will no longer sell a range of designer clothes and shoes for $200 or less.Nordstrom said it is removing certain items from the online store, […]

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How to save $20 at the Meijer in the United States

Meijers’ new store at the University of Florida, with its large open-air patio, is a great place to get some shade.The company says the location is ideal for picnics and family outings.However, the location offers no seating, no WiFi, and only a few restrooms.That means the $20 in store credit for the Meiji Garden Restaurant is only worth about $5 […]

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When your next paycheck is in jeopardy, a bank account with a cheque book

By now, you probably know that a lot of people’s money is in the bank and a lot more is out of it.But what about the people who don’t?There are many reasons why they might be in trouble.Some may be worried about a financial emergency.Others may be in financial hardship due to an illness, or are dealing with other financial […]

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