The Best Of: The Best of the Best

With his trademark sense of humor, former Vice President Dick Cheney has made a career of delivering some of the most bizarre, off-the-wall, offbeat, and offbeat-yet-totally-true opinions imaginable.But the truth is, the former vice president was just as funny as his job.His new memoir, Dick Cheney: An American Tragedy, is a true-crime story, filled with a hilarious collection of anecdotes, […]

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Apple Pay: Apple Pay gets a new beta, with a lot of bugs

Apple Pay is getting a new update that brings some new bugs to light, but the big news comes in the form of a new Beta version.Apple’s iOS 7 update to Apple Pay, released this week, adds a new bug that’s causing the app to crash when the user tries to make a purchase.This issue appears to only occur in […]

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