Paris department store opens to all customers

Paris, France — The world’s largest department store operator opened Thursday for all customers and shoppers alike.The Paris department stores are among the world’s biggest, with over 40 million square feet of space.The company said in a statement that it opened its doors to all French customers in the morning.

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Man shot in Catherines parking lot after being shot by family member

A man was shot in the head Sunday night at the home of his mother’s sister in the Catherine section of Charleston, South Carolina.Police said that a woman, later identified as 57-year-old Sharlene Williams, was shot multiple times.She was taken to Carolinas Medical Center, where she later died.Authorities said a man, later described as a 23-year old white male, also […]

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When shopping in the South, you’re more likely to find your favorite department store closed

Shopping in the United States is a bit of a different story.But when you’re looking at the South it may not be a bad idea to think of a few places you’d like to visit and shop there.There are plenty of South-owned department stores in the region that you can get a discount on groceries, clothing, and electronics.Below are some […]

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