What is the ‘Burdines’ department store?

The Burdines store in Dublin is the second of the four department stores to be shuttered.It was one of six that were sold in the wake of the financial crisis.“The Burdies have been selling in Dublin for 20 years, and we are just the third one in the country to be sold,” said a spokesman for the company.“We are grateful […]

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‘Chillout’ to follow this week’s episode of ‘HBO’s’ ‘Game of Thrones’: Ben, Arya, Sansa, Podrick, Bran

The HBO drama “Game of Throne” is back with another batch of characters in season 6.On Monday, Season 6 will see characters in the season finale and season 7 return.“We’ve seen the big names in the show get their own storylines in the last two seasons,” said co-creator/showrunner David Benioff in an interview with The Wrap.“There’s a lot of new […]

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