Wells Fargo is building a $1.5 billion building at the top of the old Peoples department store on the northwest corner of Broadway and West 46th Street in downtown Seattle. 

But the new bank is far more than just a new building. 

The bank is also making a big push to reinvent itself. 

In a way, the bank is the first major bank to open up a branch at a new store, in this case a big, high-end one. 

“We’ve been doing that at our branch in Seattle for quite a while,” said Paul F. Wiedefeld, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Wells Fargo, adding that Wells Fargo’s existing branch network had been working well for some time. 

A new branch at the Peoples department stores will have more of a feel of a local, family-oriented store that you’d find in a big city, like a Best Buy.

“We wanted to make sure it felt more like a neighborhood store than a big corporate store.” 

In addition to the bank building, Wells Fargo has started construction on a new branch in the Financial District at First and Pike, and it has an expansion of its existing branch at 8th and Broadway. 

It’s also planning to build a branch in Central District, which has a population of roughly 300,000, and the bank plans to add another branch there as well. 

Wells Fargo is already a bigger bank than the next largest bank by market cap, JPMorgan Chase, with more than $20 trillion in assets. 

While Wells Fargo won’t open a branch directly in Seattle, it has some existing branches in the city. 

At its branch in Midtown, it already has four branches. 

Other branches are also opening, including one in the Ballard neighborhood. 

However, the new branch is likely to be the biggest yet. 

On top of that, Wells has announced that it’s opening a new bank in South Seattle.

That’s in addition to opening branches in Ballard, Bellevue, and a new location in the former Target shopping center in Ballard. 

 “There are a lot of new places that Wells has opened and we’re very excited to open new ones,” said F. Wesley Smith, president and CEO of Wells Fargo. 

That’s good news for Seattle residents, who are often the ones who spend their hard-earned cash at the new branches.

“They’re a great addition to our retail environment,” said Tim Dyer, senior vice president of retail operations at The Dyer Group.

“The bank will also be a great draw for shoppers.”

Wells has already added about 300 new jobs, and plans to hire another 500 employees over the next three years. 

According to Wells Fargo employees, it is the most ambitious bank expansion in the area since it opened in 2001. 

When it opened, Wells was a relatively small player in the Seattle market.

But it now has more than 500 branches in 25 states and the District of Columbia, according to Wells. 

Its new branch location is expected to double its customer base, with about 20,000 new customers joining the bank over the course of the next year. 

We’re getting to know Wells Fargo and its customers more. 

For now, it’s too early to know how the new banking initiative will impact Wells Fargo customers. 

Smith said that most customers are still waiting for details on the new stores.

Well to get started with the new Seattle branch Wells Fargo wants to start by adding a new Wells branch to the existing branch that Wells opened in downtown. 

First, Wells will open a second Wells branch at its existing headquarters in Seattle.

Wells will be building a new 1,400-square-foot building in the West Seattle neighborhood at the corner of First and Columbia. 

Second, Wells plans to open a third Wells branch in Ballard and build a fourth Wells branch there. 

And third, Wells wants to add a fourth branch in Bellevue. 

Third, Wells also wants to open another branch in South Bellevue and expand its existing one to include a second branch there, as well as expand its other branch to cover all of Bellevue’s retail, according the Wells Fargo website.

Third, the Wells branch will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and from 8 a.mi. to 6 p.mi., on weekends.

Fourth, Wells is opening a branch on the Westside in Ballard at 835 Eighth Ave.

In addition to a new office, Wells said it will be the first bank in the region to open an office there.

Fifth, Wells says it will open another Wells branch on its existing location in Bellevuede at the intersection of West Columbia and First avenues.

Sixth, we’re excited to add new Wells locations to our Seattle network.

Wells Fargo opened

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