When it comes to holiday shopping, Chicago’s biggest department store has one thing in common: They’re the most well-known.

The Chicago Department Store, or CDS, has more than 100 department stores around the country.

But these days, the CDS is starting to feel a bit underwhelming as the nation braces itself for the new year.

This fall, the chain plans to close the stores in a massive restructuring.

As part of the restructuring, the company is opening two new locations: one in the suburbs of Chicago and another in Westlake Village, an area where the city’s shopping center is located. 

The new locations will open in October. 

CDS is a retail juggernaut that’s become one of the fastest-growing chains in the U.S. Last year, the retailer saw sales of $4.9 billion.

But now, according to the Censys official website, its growth has slowed dramatically.

“Our business is declining and our sales are dropping every year,” said CDS President John Wysocki in a recent statement.

The CDS saw $3.4 billion in sales in 2017, down from $4 billion a year earlier.

Wysampi said the company plans to make changes to the stores to boost its bottom line and increase profits.

In 2018, the department store will close all stores and will have a few new locations opening.

“We will not be opening any more stores in 2018,” Wysowi said.

WYSOWI’S STATEMENT TO THE EDITORS After nearly 30 years in business, CDS has a reputation for being an industry leader.

But the Chicago Department Stores, or CDTS, have been on a downward slide.

The chain saw sales plummet more than 40% in the last decade.

The stores have been struggling to keep up with the changing needs of shoppers.

According to the company’s official website: The CDTS has lost more than 10% of its business each year since 2010, and is expected to lose more than 20% by 2019.

In 2016, CDTS had revenue of $3 billion, and operating income of $6.3 billion. 

In 2017, the Chicago Board of Education said the CDTS was a “high-risk” company.

According a report from the Chicago Public Library, CDT had the highest number of student loans in the state of Illinois, and it had more than 4,000 people on disability.

In the past year, more than 1,400 people were fired from CDTS.

Last month, CPD CEO Paul Kelly announced that the company would be closing more than a dozen stores.

The closings are expected to save the company money and reduce stress for employees. 

“We’ve been losing customers for a long time,” said Paul Williams, the chief financial officer at CDTS for two decades.

“They come in, they pay, they go out, they get their bags, they leave.

They’re not paying rent.

They are not paying utility bills, they are not getting their garbage out.

They come in and they’re not happy.

We have a lot of problems.” 

The company is also losing money on its debt.

Last September, the government of Illinois announced it was cutting $9.7 billion from the company. 

According to the Chicago Business Journal, CDTs debt stands at $14 billion, or $12 a share.

That means that the debt will total $24 billion by 2022.

The company has said it is trying to get back into the black by renegotiating its debt terms.

The CDT is one of many big retailers that are struggling to adapt to the changing economy.

Many stores have closed because they have not been able to keep pace with changing tastes.

For example, Walmart announced it would be moving from its main campus in Bentonville, Ark., to a smaller location in Aurora, Colo.

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