Penny’s, which is the parent company of Dollar General, has been branching out into the US in recent years.

The chain has announced plans to open a new store in San Antonio, Texas, that will be the brand’s first in the country.

The new store will be called the Penny’s departmentstore, which will also include a coffee shop.

According to CNN Money, the store is expected to open in March 2019, with plans to be open by Christmas 2020.

The store will offer a wide selection of merchandise including a selection of clothing and accessories.

The outlet is expected be the first Penny’s to open outside the US, as the chain has yet to open stores in Europe.

The San Antonio store will also be one of the first in San Diego, California, which has been home to Penny’s since its establishment in 1879.

The company recently announced plans for an expansion in Las Vegas, Nevada, which includes the construction of a new hotel.

A spokesperson for Penny’s told CNN Money that the San Antonio location will not open until after the holidays, but the company is confident of success with the move.

“This is a very good sign for the economy of the United States, for business and for the community,” said Penny’s CEO and president, Brian Cushing.

“We expect the San Diego Penny’s brand to become a global destination and that will create more jobs for our customers and our employees.”

Cushing added that the company will continue to invest in the San Francisco market, which was the home to its first San Francisco store in 2013.

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