Kohls has announced the first Nordic department store to open in New York City.

The store will open on February 27 in Times Square, just off Broadway.

The first Nordstrom store in the city will be in the Hudson Yards neighborhood.

“Nordstrom has taken the Nordic style to new heights with their new Nordstrom department stores in New Jersey and Minnesota,” said Mark Weiler, president of Nordstrom Group, in a statement.

“We are thrilled to welcome our Nordstrom brand to New York’s bustling downtown, and we look forward to serving our customers for generations to come.”

Nordstrom has announced plans to open a Nordstrom in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights, which was the site of its first store in Manhattan. 

“We are incredibly excited to bring the Nordstrom family to New Yorkers in the coming years, and the new Nordic Nordstrom is the perfect match for this dynamic city,” said Michael Nordstrom, chairman and CEO of Nordemasters, the parent company of Nordys department stores.

“The iconic brand will offer a unique and engaging experience in New Yorkers iconic and iconic New York locations.” 

Nordemasters stores will have a variety of products in its collection.

In addition to the new department store in Times-Square, the store will also feature Nordstrom shoes, accessories, clothing, furniture and more. 

NurPhoto via ShutterstockThe Nordstrom logo is on the top left. 

The Nordemaster logo  is on the left.

The Nordmans’ logo is in the background. 

Source Nordeast.com (Photo: Nordstrom)

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