A week before the big show, we’ve compiled the top five things you need to do to dress like you’re from the future.

This week’s guest list is led by two of the biggest names in fashion—Sasha Marcus and Chloe Couture.

If you’ve been a fashion fan all your life, then you know that Sasha and Chloe are your new fashion ambassadors, and you should look forward to the rest of the weekend.

What better way to get inspired than with the best of the best?

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New York’s Newest Collection of Clothing Is Now Available at the Fashion Week The New York Times The Times has an article on what the designers of the collection are up to, and what’s inside each one of the outfits.

The first one we spotted was this beautiful, soft, and warm winter coat. 

The designer, Yvette Mautz, told the Times, “This coat is so different from any coat I’ve ever seen.

It’s like a sweater or sweater with a skirt.

It has the same warm, cozy feel but with a modern touch.” 

You can find more photos and details on the designers’ Instagram accounts, here.

For more fashion, read this article. 


Trevor Noah Will Be in New York on Friday, February 25th at The Broadway Show and on Saturday, February 26th at the Metropolitan Museum of Art In addition to hosting the New Yorker’s new show on February 25, Noah is set to perform at the Broadway show on Saturday. 

Check out his Instagram for more. 


Lydia Valenti Is Back at The Museum of the Moving Image on February 24 Lizzie Valenti is back at the Museum of Moving Image. 

This is the first time we’ve seen Valenti on the big stage since she was arrested for stealing her mother’s car from her house in December 2016. 

“I think this is the one moment where I’m not just on the road, I’m in a museum.

And I think the people here have given me a gift,” Valenti said during her tour of the museum. 

She’s been touring for the past few years, and has been able to attend a few exhibitions, including the new exhibition “Fashion as a Cultural Experience.” 

“The people who are really behind the exhibition, the artists who are behind it, they’re really passionate about making the work,” Valentin said. 

Valenti has been in and out of the spotlight lately, with her mom, Elizabeth Valenti, taking her into the hospital after her arrest. 

When she was released from jail, she was charged with two felonies, one for driving while intoxicated and another for having a controlled substance in her system. 

While she was being held in the Metropolitan Detention Center, the New Jersey Department of Corrections took over the case. 

Elizabeth Valenti’s attorney was able to get Valenti released and is now seeking to have her released on bail. 

We’re glad that Valenti will be able to visit the Museum on Saturday because she’s really been a force to be reckoned with, said Museum Director and Executive Director of Creative Engagement Sarah Breslin. 


Jenny McCarthy Is Back on Broadway JENNY MCCARTHY On February 24, the actress will be on the Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon” at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C. MCCAR THOMAS/AFP/Getty Images The National Theatre is taking over the performance of “The Bible” on the stage at the Theatre at Madison Square Garden, and McCarthy will be joined by Broadway legend Kathryn Bigelow and Sara Bareilles. 

On Sunday, February 27, McCarthy will play “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time,” a classic classic by the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven. 

It’s the second performance of the show, after the show on April 4, which also included Katherine Hepburn, Greta Garbo, and Margot Robbie. 

Here are all the details you need on the performance:  This new production of The Book of Joseph will be performed by Kirsten Dunst, Kirsten Bell, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Aniston, and Emma Watson. 

 The cast includes Emma Watson as the voice of Joseph and Kristen Stewart as Joseph’s wife, Emma. 

Bridget Jones and James Corden will be co-stars. 

Read more here.2. 

Zooey Deschanel is Back

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