When it comes to buying jewellery, how much do you pay?

According to research by the UK’s National Retail Federation, the average cost of a pair of jewellery in the UK is £739.That’s almost $9,000 (£5,400).That’s well above the £450 average cost for a pair in Australia and $1,200 in South Africa.In the US, the median price for a set of five jewellery stones at a department store is $2,400.In China, […]

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Why is the new McDonald’s on the market?

There is a growing appetite for high-quality fast food in the United States and Europe, with the new fast-food chain McDonald’s America, opening a location in Florida.But the chain’s main US franchise has only opened a handful of stores.This is because its owner, franchisee, McDonald’s parent company, owns more than half of the company.The chain has also struggled to win […]

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