Paris department stores have started accepting pre-orders for the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV Mini, which is available in four different colours.

The new Apple TV comes with 1080p resolution, a microSD card slot, and an integrated USB-C port, and it’s priced at around €299 ($319).

The Apple TV Pro comes with the same resolution and features a microUSB port and a micro HDMI port, but the mini-version costs €499 ($529).

If you want the best deal, you can also buy the Apple Watch with the Apple CarPlay software or Apple Watch Sport, which have similar features.

In the US, Apple has launched its Apple TV bundle, which includes an Apple TV, a 5G antenna, and a 2TB hard drive.

The price of the Apple HomePod is the same as the Apple iPad Air and Apple iPad mini, which has an integrated Siri remote and an upgraded camera.

The Apple Watch comes with an Apple Watch Series 3 and an Apple HomeKit smart hub, and the Apple AirPods can be charged using Apple’s wireless charging solution.

Apple is also offering a series of new accessories, including a pair of new earbuds and a new iPhone case, with more coming this fall.

Paris department shops in the French capital are offering pre-order codes for the new Apple TVs, which are available for pre-purchase until March 14.

The first pre-sale begins at 12:00 AM Paris time on March 14, and you can pre-buy up to a total of 20 devices for just €99 ($142).

The next availability dates are on March 20, March 21, March 22, and March 23.

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