If you’ve got a little bit of cash to spare, you can easily store it at Belks department stores.

According to a report from Crypto Coins, Belk has teamed up with a Hong Kong company called BitGo to offer customers the ability to store BTC at the Belk Department Store, an online store that sells Belk merchandise.

The Belk Dept store has the ability of storing up to 50 BTC and is open until October 2.

BitGo is a Bitcoin wallet provider that allows customers to store their coins in a single wallet on their computer, but it does have the ability for storing BTC in various other locations.

BitGO currently supports the following locations: Belk City, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The company said that it is working on adding more locations in the future.

“This partnership will allow customers to securely store their Bitcoin in a Belk-branded bitcoin wallet on a compatible platform, including BitGo, which provides a simple, secure and convenient way to securely transfer BTC,” BitGo’s founder, Michael Wong, wrote on the company’s website.

The bitcoin wallet is currently only available in Hong Kong.

Belk’s department stores sell everything from Belk wallets to Belk jewelry, and its website also features a variety of items that the company sells at the store.

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