How to make a gimp that can turn into a costume is a very old skill, but it’s become increasingly important as companies and individuals alike look to make their offices a bit more inviting.

And now that Google has announced it’s buying the gimp maker Gimp, that’s one of the first products to come to mind.

Google says it’s building an all-in-one gimp kit that will “transform your workspace from boring office space to an amazing creative playground.”

The company says the kit will be available in early 2018.

Google’s Gimp is designed to look like a real person, but with the added bonus of a microphone, camera, and a pair of hands.

Google is promising a range of features that make it easier to get the job done, including the ability to “turn the gimbal into a video recording device for capturing a video on-demand and later uploading it to YouTube.”

It’s also said to include a video camera with built-in microphones, a “virtual keyboard” that lets you type in text or text messages, and “gimbal support” that can adjust how the gimbals tilt and angle.

Google will also include a camera that “can capture photos of your office, and can also share those photos to Google Drive, Picasa, or any other file sharing service.”

Gimp’s creators have also said the kit won’t be limited to Google.

“We will add additional gimblings to our portfolio, including a custom gimber that can transform into a camera, an extension for Google Glass, and other accessories that will make Gimp the most versatile gimper on the market,” they wrote.

The company will also reportedly offer “a full-featured suite of applications that integrate Gimp seamlessly into Google Glass.”

The gimbals will also be “integrated with Google Glass and the Glass App, allowing you to capture videos, make notes, send SMSes, and more.”

All of this comes as Google continues to expand the gIMP ecosystem.

Google Glass 2 is expected to launch sometime in 2018, and Google Glass 3 is slated to launch at the end of 2019.

Google has also begun building its own gimbers for employees, and has said it plans to roll out more gimbling products for the public.

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