When it comes to dining out, Pittsburgh can sometimes seem like a city without a destination.

But there are a few things that you can do to get a taste of what the city has to offer.1.

Find out where you live2.

Try out the best restaurants in the area, including the ones you’ve been to before3.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Pittsburgh, visit a local park or someplace quiet and secluded to enjoy a relaxing meal.4.

Stop in for a visit to the local historic district.

It can be a great place to enjoy some outdoor dining, but you won’t find the same vibrancy on a day like this.5.

Visit a museum or a local theater to watch a performance.

You won’t get the same experience as you do at a local concert, but the atmosphere will be the same.6.

Take a stroll around the area you want, and make sure you’re prepared with a good pair of shoes.

You can always take a walk outside to have a walk-in cooler filled with water, but that’s usually more of a hassle than it is worth.7.

Go to the theater on a Friday night or Saturday night to see the latest releases.

It’s usually an extra-special night and can be very fun.8.

Go out to dinner on a Saturday night with your friends.

If your date isn’t planning to come out to a local restaurant, that means you have a good chance of seeing the restaurant you’ve always wanted to.9.

Check out the local art scene in the evenings, particularly the small artists and galleries in the downtown area.

You’ll likely find a couple of unique pieces of art hanging around, and if you have time, you can check out the collection of works by local and national artists.10.

Stop by a local coffee shop or bar for a drink or a bite to eat.

These places are typically filled with locals and often have great food.11.

Go for a walk on the city’s many lakes or rivers, and you can catch a glimpse of Pittsburgh’s many natural wonders.12.

Explore the area’s many restaurants, bars and shopping districts, and be sure to check out all the interesting places to eat and drink.13.

Go on a weekend getaway with your family, friends or other people from the city and get away with all the family stuff.14.

Head out for a night of dancing at the local club or music festival.

If there’s a local band performing, it can be an extra special experience.15.

Get out to explore Pittsburgh’s waterfront and get a look at the beautiful sights and people that live there.16.

Visit the nearby historic district to see some of the more interesting architecture.17.

Stop for a picnic at a neighborhood restaurant.

There’s no need to be too busy to enjoy yourself, and your picnic will likely be more memorable.18.

Go hiking in the hills.

You’re in a different city, and there are many different hiking trails to explore.19.

Go shopping at the market and shop at a locally owned store.

Some of the shops you might want to shop at include local artisans, small businesses, and clothing and shoes stores.20.

Go visit the lakefront.

The lakes are a great destination for a nice outdoor picnic, and they’re home to many of the beautiful natural attractions.21.

Visit some of Pittsburgh city’s best museums.

The Carnegie Museum of Art, Museum of Science, and the Science Museum are just a few that you might see.

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