Here are the top 10 cheapest department stores in Australia for each budget category, sorted by the number of bedrooms per floor.

Budget categories include accommodation, dining, entertainment, groceries, travel and more.

Here’s the complete guide.


Best Value department store in Australia: Royal Adelaide and Northern Territory, Sydney Harbour City, Melbourne CBD  (via bing) The Royal Adelaide Centre and the Northern Territory’s largest department store have both been voted Best Value by the Bunnings.

“Royal Adelaide and the NT are two of the most respected and popular retail brands in Australia, and we’ve seen them grow with the opening of their new stores in Sydney Harbour and Melbourne CBD,” said Richard Kramar, managing director of Bunnards.

“Our customers will find everything they need at the best price in these iconic locations.”


Best value department store at a discount: Sydney’s Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Brisbane CBD, Sydney (via bings)  Sydney’s Royal Adelaide Hospital and Women (SAWWYH) have both had great reviews.

“The SAWYL store has been a favourite of our team for over a decade, with great value, fresh products, and great customer service,” said Simon Rocha, senior manager, SAWYYL.

The Sydney branch is the only branch of SAWYN in Australia.


Best discount department store to visit in Sydney: Kmart, Melbourne, Sydney CBD (via Bing) Sydneys Kmart has the best value in Australia with a wide selection of products.

In addition to great prices, Kmart is home to the Kmart in Melbourne and a range of other stores in the city.


Best savings department store: Walmart Supercenter, Melbourne City, Sydney  Walmart Supercenter is an excellent choice for shoppers looking for the best deals at discount.

It’s also one of the cheapest department store options in Sydney.


Best supermarket to shop at: Tesco, Sydney, Sydney West Coast, Melbourne (via Bing) Tesco has been voted the Best Value in Australia by Bunners.

Tescco also has a wide range of groceries and clothing on offer.


Best budget department store chain in Australia and best value departmentstore chain in the world: Costco, Sydney & Mackay, Sydney City, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Brisbane & Wodonga (via iStock) Costco is a trusted name for budget department stores.


Best Australian online store: Tesuqia, Sydney East, Melbourne Western, Melbourne West Coast (via Bing)Tesuqias online shopping experience is excellent and its a great place to browse.


Best store in Sydney to visit for a family day out: Coles, Brisbane City, CBD You’ll find great value for money at the Coles store in the CBD.


Best price department store and best discount departmentstore in Australia For a bargain, look no further than the Colescott store in Melbourne City.


Best department store with a mobile payment app: Tmall, Sydney Central, CBD, Goldfields (via Google Maps) The best value for cash department store is the Colascott store on the Goldfields Goldfields.


Best shopping experience for kids and families in Sydney and Queensland: PetSmart, Brisbane Central, Brisbane West Coast PetSmart has a great range of products at great prices.


Best online department store location in Australia (excluding Sydney): Kmart Sydney, Melbourne Central, Sydney Western, Brisbane Western, Goldsby, Brisbane East (via Google Maps)Kmart’s Sydney location is the best option in Australia but you can also visit other stores within Sydney.


Best place to shop online: Amazon Prime Store, Brisbane/Gold Coast, Sydney-Brisbane East, Brisbane-Central (via ShopRunner) Amazon Prime Store is the largest online retail store in South Australia and is a great choice for all you shoppers looking to shop for things online.


Best discounted department store store in NSW: Colgate, Brisbane Colgate is the biggest discount department stores retailer in Australia including Sydney.


Best free pick-up in Sydney The Goldfields West End, Brisbane is the ideal place to pick up your goods.


Best grocery store in Brisbane Kmart Brisbane is a popular supermarket in Brisbane, the Golds, Brisbane and Goldfields, and a good value to spend on groceries.


Best gift shop in Sydney for parents and kids Kamau’s has a range to choose from in Sydney including the popular Family Grocery store in Bondi and the Kmau’s in Bond and Melbourne

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