Women’s clothing, shoes and accessories can be pricey, but there are also a few items that are easy to find for just a little bit more than they might otherwise be.

We rounded up the best deals for a handful of popular items in the top department stores around the country.

Read more about women’s apparel and accessories:For a limited time, TopShop and Macy’s are offering free shipping on all orders of $75 or more on select items through May 31, 2017.

The offer is valid on orders over $75 and includes an expedited shipping fee of $25.

The Macy’s online store also offers the free shipping offer.

Macy’s has also extended the free standard shipping offer to select orders over an additional two weeks.

This includes orders made at participating Macy’s department and department store locations from May 31 through June 4.

Macy’s is offering free standard and expedited services on orders of over $100 and up to $250, respectively.

MiaFitness.com, a fitness retailer that sells women’s products, is offering the following limited-time offer for women and their children.

Meadowlands is offering a $50 value on all eligible purchases.

It is available from May 11 to June 6, and will include a $25 expedited processing fee and the Macy’s free standard service.

You can also check out the Macys Free Standard Shipping and Free Standard Order of $125 offer for the same date.

ShopRite is offering 50% off select items.

The coupon code will be applied to all eligible Macy’s orders made on or after May 11.

You will need to redeem the code at checkout.

The Macy’s Online Store is offering 20% off the following items:Lululemon’s Women’s Pantry is offering 10% off selected items.

ShopRite’s 30% off offer is available through May 11 and lasts until June 1.

Macy┬┤s is also offering free expedited service on orders $75, $150 and $200.

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