A couple of months ago, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ran an article about how the city’s department stores were starting to feel the effects of the recession.

The paper had already reported that department stores are facing a sharp drop in revenue and sales.

But the article didn’t explain how the recession affected the stores in the city.

The article had a simple message: If you want to save as much money as possible, buy at least one department store.

That meant that the Tribune- Review’s own employees had a hard time figuring out how to save for their own retirement, which meant that they didn’t have the funds to buy new clothing or other goods.

So they decided to do what a lot of people do: They went to their local department stores and asked to shop for items that were on sale and save money.

“It was really hard to explain why we were in the store,” said Jessica Crain, a 26-year-old who worked at a local department store for two years.

“They were really excited to give us this opportunity, so we were just really blown away.”

It was hard to tell how many people were interested in saving money at the local department-store.

They’d heard that there were discounts on clothes, but there wasn’t a way to actually save money without actually shopping there.

They were also not told how much they were spending on the items that they were shopping for.

“We didn’t know that this would be so much,” Crain said.

The Tribune-Rider reached out to several of the department stores that had this opportunity and asked if they would offer discounts to their employees.

None of them had responded.

But a few did.

“One of them actually offered us a discount on a new pair of shoes,” Craine said.

“And they said that they wouldn’t sell anything else that day because they had a lot going on.”

Crain said that she’s now a new customer of her local department.

It wasn’t because she’s looking for a new shoe or a new shirt.

It was because the department was so popular, she said.

“I think they’re saving a lot,” she said, “and they’re definitely having a lot more fun.”

The Tribune’s article went viral, gaining over 12,000 shares and 8,000 comments in the week after it was published.

“When I saw that story, I said, ‘Wow, what a way for me to save even more money,'” said Crain.

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