The Sam’s department stores in Delhi and Mumbai have been voted India’s best value stores for the past three years by customers, a survey has found.

Sam’s, the country’s second-largest department store chain, was voted India, with the fourth-highest rating by customers.

The retailer has recently made a move to expand its business in the country.

The company has made its India presence known by selling items such as mobile phones, clothing, electronics, jewellery and electronics accessories.

The stores have also made efforts to provide their customers with more choices in retail.

The survey conducted by Indian retail analyst Mint showed that Sam’s has the fifth-highest retail value for the second consecutive year.

Sam’s was voted the top brand in India for the fourth time in a row, with a whopping 10.6 per cent of all respondents choosing it as their preferred brand.

The retailer is ranked No.1 in the survey, with 10 per cent voting it as the best brand.

Other top brands were the Bajaj and Sam’s, which each got a score of 9.5 per cent, followed by JB Hi-Fi, which had 9.4 per cent.

The top five brands were also the brands listed in the latest list of the best brands in India.

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