Gardena’s department stores in New York, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island will open this summer with a fully-fledged gardena department.

The company, which has opened a number of branches across the country and Canada, has announced that it is also opening a second, expanded branch in Long Island City, which is home to the largest collection of gardena plants in New Jersey.

It will open in late September, the company said.

Gardena said it has over 1,400 gardens in its store and gardena online store.

Its full-line gardena stores are located in New Brunswick, Canada; and in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Growers can shop the company’s online store and its gardena departments, which sell a wide range of products, including fresh and frozen produce, herbs, and spices.

Gardener and garden a store sales are expected to grow at Gardena, the largest independent gardening and food service company in the United States, according to analysts at research firm S&P Dow Jones Indices.

The company recently reported record quarterly profit, beating expectations and earning $6 million in its fiscal fourth quarter.

The Gardena stores will be located in the Gardena Park neighborhood of Brooklyn and in Gardena City, New Jersey, which was also one of the first to be developed.GARDENA’S DIVISION 1 The Gardena Divisions 1 and 2 stores in Brooklyn and New Jersey will open for the summer, with a gardena shop and a full gardena product section.

The first Gardena division opened in Brooklyn in April 2017.

The Gardenas New Jersey division opened this year.

The new Gardena divisions are slated to open by the end of 2019, with the new Brooklyn store to open in 2020.

The two Gardena store branches in Brooklyn will sell a variety of gardenables, including herbs, spices, flowers and more.

The Brooklyn branch will open later this summer, the Gardenas Brooklyn branch is scheduled to open later in 2021, and the Gardenia Brooklyn branch opened in 2019.GARLANDA NEWSLETTER NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gardenas first branch in Brooklyn opened in April. 

GardenA Brooklyn is expected to open its first full-fledged retail location in late 2019.

The new GardenA Brooklyn will be open later that summer. 

The GardenA store in Newburgh, New York will be the first of the new Garden A New York stores. 

All Gardena New York store locations will have full-page gardena ads, including one featuring a woman gardening on the Brooklyn Bridge. 

In the new section of the GardenA NY online store, Gardena is offering a wide variety of gardening supplies, including plants and seeds. 

We are thrilled to announce that we will be opening a full service GardenA shop in Brooklyn, NewJersey and NewYork City in early 2019. 

As part of our expansion of our Brooklyn store, we are announcing that we are opening a GardenA New York branch in late July. 

This expansion will give GardenA fans a full range of gardening products from our own full-scale gardena garden, and GardenA products and services will be available to GardenA shoppers. 

  We will be expanding GardenA with our New York city location, and will have GardenA stores in both New York and NewJerseys. 

GardenA will also offer a full selection of garden supplies to Gardena shoppers in Brooklyn. 

For Gardena customers, the New York GardenA and Brooklyn GardenA branches will be the new New York Gardens. 

New York Garden A Brooklyn and Garden A Queens are now available for Gardena. 

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