Macy’s is opening two more department stores this year: Homegoods and Macy’s Beauty.

Macy’s is closing two stores and is opening another one this year, which will bring its total number of department stores to six.

The stores are in the West Village and in the Bloomingdale neighborhood, according to a Macy’s spokesperson.

Macy’s said it will open the stores in May in New York City and Miami.

Homegoods is in the East Village and has four locations in New Jersey, according the Macy’s website.

The Bloomingdale store is in Westwood, and it is the only one in the country.

Macy’ts Beauty is in Manhattan’s West Village, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

I’ll be checking back with Macy’s as we get closer to opening more department store openings.

Macy said the closings will bring the number of Macy’s locations to nine and the number to 16.

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