With his trademark sense of humor, former Vice President Dick Cheney has made a career of delivering some of the most bizarre, off-the-wall, offbeat, and offbeat-yet-totally-true opinions imaginable.

But the truth is, the former vice president was just as funny as his job.

His new memoir, Dick Cheney: An American Tragedy, is a true-crime story, filled with a hilarious collection of anecdotes, anecdotes, and anecdotes that would make even a diehard sports buff blush.

It’s a fascinating look into the life and times of a former vice presidential who left the Oval Office with a legacy of unparalleled impact on the country and the world.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dick Cheney, the man who became the most popular president in U.S. history.1.

He Was The President That Went To A Movie With His Dad In 19752.

He Used To Get Into The Presidential Car With His Mom3.

He Got The Best Golf Balls Ever4.

He Said He Was Going To Have A Car That Could Go 500 Miles5.

He Played Golf With His Kids6.

He Taught Kids Golf7.

He Had A Dog8.

He Didn’t Eat At McDonalds9.

He Never Went To College10.

He Lived With His Grandmother11.

He Did Not Want His Daughter To Be A Teenager12.

He Made A Deal With The President To Take His Kids To A Zoo13.

He Called Himself The President of The United States14.

He Won A Golf Tournament15.

He Built A Tower That Sits On Top Of A Rock16.

He Went To The Movies On His Own17.

He Wrote A Comedy Song That Played During The Battle Of Gettysburg18.

He Has A Secret That Can Turn A Lady In The Eye19.

He’s An Outlaw20.

He Lives With His Dog21.

He Fought In The Vietnam War22.

He Is The First Vice President Ever To Be Shot23.

He Killed Osama Bin Laden24.

He Says He’s A Good Samaritan25.

He Does The Best Thing He Can26.

He Doesn’t Want His Kids Growing Up In A Dogghetto27.

He Isn’t A Celebrity28.

He Still Has His Car27.

His Hair Can Be Shampooed With His Face29.

He Can Eat Coffee With His Hands30.

He Thinks He Can Take A Shot At The President31.

He Gets Married At The Wedding32.

He Cares About His Daughter33.

He Takes A Walk With His Daughter34.

He Talks About His Son And The Boy He Grew Up With35.

He Shows Up At The Hospital36.

He Rides A Bike37.

He Plays Guitar38.

He Likes To Watch Movies With His Mother39.

He Hates To Lose40.

He Pushes The Button When He Gets The ChanceTo Say “Yes!”41.

He Looks Like He’s Not Sure What To Do42.

He Believes His Hair Isn’t White43.

He Uses His Hair To Make The Locks44.

He Shirts His Hair45.

He Comes From A Very Famous Family46.

He Came To WorkOut Of His Own Free Will47.

He Works Out At The Office48.

He Also Knows His Dad Doesn’t49.

He Goes Into Retirement50.

He Couldn’t Stand The Feeling Of Being Too Much Of A Jerk51.

He Would Rather Not Have His Daughter Going To The Zoo52.

He Makes The Best Dicks In The World53.

He Sits In The Oval Office54.

He Knows That His Wife Is An Angel55.

He Calls Himself “My President”56.

He Spends More Time In The White House57.

He is An Ex-Duke58.

He Really Has A Little Bit of A DickFace59.

He Dresses Up Like A Jerkin60.

He Gives His Daughter The Worst Birthday Cake In The History Of The World61.

He Runs For Congress62.

He Refuses To Eat At The McDonalds63.

He Resumes His Career As The President64.

He Opens A Subway Restaurant65.

He Sticks His Head In The Sand66.

He Swears He Will Get A Sex Change67.

He Brings A Tear Into The World

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