The top-selling department store in the U.S. in February 2018 was Macy’s, according to data compiled by TheScore.

The department store saw a $5.7 billion increase in sales in 2018.

Macy’s saw a 4.3 percent increase in revenues.

The company also saw an increase in revenue of 5.7 percent to $10.4 billion.

The most popular department store brand was The Gap, which saw a 9.1 percent increase.

It also saw a 6.7 percentage point increase in total sales, according a press release from Macy’s.

Macy�s saw a significant boost in its share of total U.K. sales, which increased 5.9 percent to 31.4 percent of total sales.

The Gap saw a 5.4% increase in its U.L.G. sales and a 6 percent increase to $6.3 billion.

Macys also reported a significant increase in the percentage of women shoppers.

Women made up 52.4 per cent of the overall U.W. sales at Macy�a rise of 2.3 percentage points.

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