The NFL has been forced to change its brand, as a number of retailers have pulled NFL-branded products from their shelves.

But how do the teams themselves see it?NFL teams are buying their own merchandise in large part for the same reason, according to Robinsons Sports & Entertainment Group’s chief brand officer, Steve Horne.

And he said the NFL’s own brands are getting bigger.

In a memo to NFL teams, Horne noted that many of the teams have spent $4.5 billion over the past four years on NFL branded products, but they still need a way to stand out.

He said that in order to do so, teams are now “taking full advantage of their unique brand identity, brand assets, and product offering.”

The team’s branding has expanded to include uniforms, apparel and equipment, Hrey said, but he added that the team is also “creating a new business for itself” by expanding their marketing to their players, coaches and front office staff.

In other words, the teams are selling a bigger slice of their revenues.

According to Horne, NFL teams are spending about half of their revenue on brand-related marketing, while their other half goes to “marketing, merchandising and distribution,” the memo said.

It is an effort by NFL teams to be more innovative in the marketplace, but the league is also seeing more and more brands move into its space.

The league has already shifted to its own products, like the jerseys it sells in stores, as well as to online-only products, such as merchandise in its new digital platforms.

It has also invested in its own video production company, the NFL Ventures, which has produced more than 2,000 NFL games since its creation in 2016.

That effort has been a success, according.

It now has a digital production arm that produces and distributes digital content, including videos for its games, according the league.

It also has a television production arm and an online production arm.

Horne said the league’s digital efforts will be a key part of its efforts to keep pace with new technology and to improve its product and brand.

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