Posted July 07, 2019 09:27:48Disney and EA have officially announced their 2019 slate of Disney XD and Disney Movies Anywhere titles.

Both titles will have a theatrical release and will include both brand-new content and existing Disney XD shows and movies.

Both titles will launch in 2019.

The 2019 slate will include shows and films from Disney XD, including the Disney Channel’s upcoming Beauty and the Beast. 

Disney XD and the Disney Movies Everywhere brand will be available in 2019 for Disney XD members.

Disney Movies Everywhere is the company’s online content platform, which allows fans to watch Disney movies and series through an app.

The Disney Movies Anything app is available for free for subscribers and offers new shows and episodes from all Disney XD channels.

Disney XD has released a number of original movies and shows that have been nominated for multiple Academy Awards. 

The 2019 slate includes films such as Disney XD’s Beauty and The Beast, the upcoming animated feature The Jungle Book, the new animated feature Inside Out, the forthcoming Disney XD animated series, and more.

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