By The Sport BureauThe sport bible has a nice story for this week’s sports column.

The Sport bible, which is owned by the National Basketball Association, has released its annual list of the 50 most influential people in America.

The “PUNISHMENT” column is for a guy named Billy Staples.

It says that Staples has made $4 billion in the last decade.

He’s also the owner of the Memphis Grizzlies, a team that, it says, is now one of the most profitable franchises in NBA history.

The sport bible also says that in a few years Staples is going to be worth $200 million.

The list is filled with billionaires.

It includes billionaire football owners, baseball owners, basketball stars and football coaches.

And it includes a billionaire basketball player.

He doesn’t make a lot of money, but he’s not bad either.

He has a reputation for being one of those guys that gets people fired up when he says something.

He used to be the coach of the University of Memphis Grizzlies and now he’s a coach for the Houston Rockets.

He went to the NBA Finals last year and he was upset with his team.

He was booed and his team was humiliated and he wasn’t getting paid to say anything.

Staples isn’t one of these guys.

He is a nice guy and he’s one of our good guys.

That’s what we all want from sports fans.

But in the sports world, we also want people to think they can get a free pass for things that are wrong.

In this case, Staples got a free ride by saying something that was right.

I mean, who can argue with a guy who’s made a lot more money than you are, especially when you’re the owner?

And so, the “PUNCH” column says Staples will make $4.5 billion in 2020.

That will be a huge chunk of change, but the biggest change he made was that he decided to make himself the butt of this story.

He decided to say something that made his fans furious.

And so he got this guy fired.

So, let’s talk about that.

But first, here’s what happened in the summer of 2016.

Staples was having a little problem.

The Grizzlies were in a lockout, and they had just won the NBA championship.

It was a great story to tell, a great moment to end the season with a win.

But as the season wore on, things started to fall apart for the Grizzlies.

They lost their best players, starting Vince Carter and Zach Randolph, and losing their best two shooters.

The Rockets, meanwhile, were playing well and were winning, so they went on a hot streak, winning four straight.

And then, on July 13, the day before the NBA finals were to start, Vince Carter decided to leave the team.

The team had been together since January, but Vince Carter’s departure was a huge blow to the team and a major setback to the Grizzlies, who needed a boost to stay in the playoff race.

So the Grizzlies were going to have to start all over, without the three most important players on the team, who were going on the same three-year contracts.

It wasn’t just the three players who were out, though.

They were also losing some of their best defensive players.

The other three were all playing very well, and so they all got bumped around to a spot in the starting lineup that was more or less a backup.

And that was not a good situation for the team at all.

The two guys who were hurt the most by the move to reserve were Courtney Lee and Nick Calathes, who are both starting point guards.

Calatches was the backup and Lee was the starter.

Lee is a point guard, but Calates is a power forward, and he doesn’t play much of a game.

He did make a nice play, though, and got in on the rebound and blocked a shot.

Calats had gotten a little too excited and thought he’d dunk on someone.

So he had his hands up and tried to jump on the defender, and Calatbs caught him on his shoulder and pulled him down.

It didn’t seem to be a very nice play on Calatans part, and it led to the other two Grizzlies getting into a heated exchange on the bench.

The three players on bench were furious.

They decided to do something about it, so the two bench players got up and started to argue.

The coach came over and told them to back down.

So they did.

But Calatces and Lee went back and forth.

And after about two minutes of this, Calatis told Lee to leave him alone.

Lee, who had already gotten into a fight with one of his teammates, took offense and Calats pulled Lee down.

He tried to get Calatcs face up with the bench bench, and then Lee started pushing Calatas face into the bench and trying to hit him with his

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