Apple Pay is getting a new update that brings some new bugs to light, but the big news comes in the form of a new Beta version.

Apple’s iOS 7 update to Apple Pay, released this week, adds a new bug that’s causing the app to crash when the user tries to make a purchase.

This issue appears to only occur in the Beta version of Apple Pay and can be fixed by downloading and installing the latest Apple Pay Beta.

Apple has previously confirmed that there are more bugs than the first beta and there are also a few new features and improvements coming with this update.

If you’re not familiar with Apple Pay yet, this is an easy way to get your wallet setup with the new mobile payments platform.

Apple Pay will be available to download and install from today for both iOS devices and Macs, and users will need to download the Beta to use the app.

Apple released iOS 7 last month to the public and the company has yet to release a new version of iOS to users.

Apple is still working on a release for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, but it is unclear when or if the next iOS update will be ready.

Apple plans to introduce new Apple Pay features in iOS 8, the company’s next major software update.

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