You can make it look like you’re buying a quality item when you’re actually shopping at a department store with a high price tag.

The word “health” is everywhere these days, but the term “healthcare” is still used for a range of products including personal care products, cosmetics, household goods and other goods and services.

Healthcare products are usually more expensive than the rest of the range, but you’ll find them at any big department store chain and you can usually find them on sale for cheaper.

If you can’t afford a health insurance product, you can always go for the health-related merchandise on the side of the aisle.

But how do you make sure you’re really getting what you’re paying for?

The ABC’s Marketplace: Health costs in Australia examines the health impacts of everything from hospitalisation to the cost of prescription medicines.

We asked readers to provide their personal health information and find out how much they pay for health insurance.


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