Black Lives Matter protesters have blocked access to the Walmart store in Kansas, Kansas City’s police chief says.KSPC Capt. Tim Clark said the protest started on Wednesday morning after a Walmart employee tried to sell them merchandise in the store.

He said they were not allowed to enter the store and were escorted out by police.

He added that protesters had no reason to think that Walmart employees were doing anything wrong.

“They had no knowledge of any problems,” Clark said.

“We’ve been there since the morning.

We’ve been working hard to make sure that they’re not getting in trouble with us.

And so we’re just trying to make a little bit of a peace and quiet and not get people in trouble.”

Walmart spokeswoman Tami Wexler confirmed to ABC News that the store was closed Wednesday morning.

The protest began in front of Walmart in the city’s Westpark neighborhood, near the intersection of University Avenue and College Street.

Clark said that protesters said they had been working for years to get access to Walmart.

“We’re here for them to be able to shop,” Clark told reporters.

Clark said protesters have been working with a group called the Black Lives Matters Missouri chapter to try to make Walmart’s policies better.

The group has been working to get the Missouri state law allowing for police officers to enter Walmart to be changed to allow for police to do so on their own, Clark said, adding that protesters were working with local activists to try and make the changes happen.

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